December 2018…

Having successfully achieved the first goal of gaining a place to return to study in 2019, now the real planning begins, and a new chapter opens.

After almost 19 years in practice as a chiropractor, I worked my final session at Connect Chiropractic in Noble Park on December 18. Another chapter closes… Dr Nicole now confidently at the helm, has made this practice her own. With Dr Mai by her side and the support staff in place, they will continue the proud legacy of personalised care we have been renowned for.  It has been said that Connect Chiropractic is like ‘Hotel California’, in that I might check out for a bit, but there’s a fair chance I’ll never really leave.  I suspect that’s true…

BUT for now… a return to full-time University study awaits me!  This time in 2 years – all things being equal – I’ll be a registered Music Therapist as well as a registered Chiropractor. I can safely say I carry equal parts of excitement and trepidation, and I’m quite confident that I’ll bring a whole new meaning to ‘mature age’ as far as my fellow students are concerned 😉  Let the adventure continue!

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