March 2021… a long time between posts…

As the Life Rhythm Health community grows and my music therapy practice builds, I am fascinated by the different people I am meeting, the ways in which we are able to work together, and the impact that music can have in people’s lives.

After the tumultuous year that was 2020, it’s refreshing to be gently emerging from all that chaos and uncertainty and be able to do great work with wonderful clients and families. The range of situations I find myself in continues to amaze me – from aged care to early childhood and disability support, to community-building activities and mental health support, rehabilitation, and relationship-strengthening, music therapy has a lot to offer.

It’s gratifying to see too, that the public perception and awareness of music therapy is expanding, with such things as the endorsement through NDIS, the recent Aged Care Royal Commission Report, and the discussions at various levels of healthcare and legislative counsel around the implications for music therapy for mental health support, all adding weight to the groundswell calling for more access to services.

From contexts as wide-ranging as Early Childhood development and positive parenting support, to palliative care and bereavement support, music therapy offers capacity-building in so many dimensions and I am thrilled to be a part of this evolving profession.

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