About Our Care

music and brain image Kathleen uses a combination of skills learned over more that 20 years in healthcare practice.  She combines her work as a Registered Music Therapist, Chiropractor, and Functional Neuro-rehabilitation Consultant to tailor individual, family or group programs of care,  in consultation with clients, to ensure that the goals of any program meet their specific needs.  

Her focus on neuroplasticity offers a whole new range of possibilities towards enhancing a person’s lived experience of their world.  This ranges from building capacity around healthy activities and behaviours in order to support and/or develop functional capabilities, to fostering agency around awareness, communication, and self expression.  This evidence-based approach is appropriate for people at any age and stage of life and is founded in the latest advances within person-centred care in neuroscience, music therapy, chiropractic care and positive psychology.  Kathleen works from a strengths-based, resource-oriented perspective, partnering with clients to identify and develop their unique capabilities and talents, using musical strategies as a key component of care.