Dr Kath’s Book

Your Brain, Your Life – Make it what YOU want


YBYL cover  The Brain is complex, right?  And only the experts can really understand it, right?


The truth is that nobody fully understands the complex nature of the human brain and how it works in every minute detail.  But that doesn’t mean we know nothing, nor that it is only for the experts to consider.  And the more you DO know and understand, the more power you have to influence your own brain, for YOURSELF!  That’s why Dr Kath wrote her book – because she believes that information should be presented so that it is easy to understand and act on.  There are so many books out there about the magnificence of the human brain, but few actually give you practical tips to make a difference, let alone present information in a way that is easily understood, applicable to everyday situations, and motivating. This book is full of easy to understand information and practical, EASY things that you can do to make a difference to how your brain works.

‘Your Brain, Your Life – Make it what YOU Want!’ is the resource that we all need to unlock the potential of a better brain, for a better life.  You can get your copy by contacting Life Rhythm TODAY to arrange payment and delivery. It’s a great resource for putting yourself back in the driver’s seat of your life.

10 top reasons to get this book TODAY:

  1. Build a better brain, for better performance
  2. Maximise and maintain your motivation
  3.  Work smarter, not harder and get  ‘More Bang for your Buck!
  4. Learn how people tick – & how to influence them
  5.  Don’t Believe the HypeLearn how to be Better
  6. Stop Stress in its tracks
  7. Maximise your memory & Boost your concentration
  8.  Improve Productivity, Patience and Peace of mind
  9.  Beat the Blues and Boredom
  10. Help someone else to help themselves – rehab and recovery ideas